patience pays off. [all me]

I have been finished uni for nearly a year and work opportunities have been thin on the ground, and it has been hard going. Applying for anything and everything without receiving replies has been a hard one to take and move on from, there have been so many times where it seemed as though it would never happen. I was so close to giving up and resigning myself to working somewhere I wasn’t interested in and doing something I hated.

But I took a chance, and applied for a job that I wanted and knew that I could do, but because of everything else I never thought I would get. I am so proud to say that after two interviews and a 500 word creative piece I managed to get the job!

I am officially employed, and its paid which makes it even better.

Not to worry, I will be utilising the schedule feature on this blog, so there will still be regular posts going up!


my before 30 list.

I have so many goals in life but there are some that I want to experience before I’m thirty.

  1. Travel to Thailand – I have always wanted to experience the true beauty of this country. It has some of the most relaxing scenery and I would just love to walk through it all.
  2. Have something published in print – As a wannabe author this is a big want for me. It sounds odd but I would like some validation that what I write is good enough for the rest of the world.
  3. Read 100 set-out books – I will be doing a list of books that I want to read but I think that there are definitely books that I need to experience before I reach the big 3-0
  4. Do my WWII tour around Europe – Starting in Russia and making my way back to the UK.
  5. Catch up with my TBR – I really want my TBR list to be slightly smaller and for me to be keeping up with my new purchase, I doubt that this will be done in my lifetime but its a nice goal to have. 

I love this idea, so here is mine. I have so many more goals in life but I tried to keep these blog-related and a little less obvious. Tell me what some of yours are below!

My Bucket List.

I don’t have a book review for you guys, because I haven’t finished a book, so I thought that maybe it was time for me to tell you a little about my goals as a person. It won’t be my full list because that could go on for pages.

  1. Have a published novel on Waterstones’ shelves
  2. Be a bestseller
  3. Meet J K Rowling
  4. Own my own house
  5. Make my fortune
  6. Be happy within myself
  7. Travel the world
  8. Go to New York
  9. Holiday in Disney
  10. Have a family