a leap of faith. [writing words]

It is always scary to take the first leap, but if you manage it, only then will you find out what you’re made off.

I have started to write again, I scared myself, to the point that for a long time I was unable to look at my work, it gave me anxiety to think of how much I had to change and how much I had to do. Unable to face that I was scared, I used the fact that I had a new job as an excuse, making out that I was just too busy for writing that there was a place in my life for writing just now. When in reality I just wanted to hide from how much I actually have to do, and wanted to bury my head in the sand. What was I to do? What was there for me to do? I took a deep breath and jumped in, and only now have I begun to wade through the notes I’ve made and the feedback I’ve gotten and started to make a plan. It has been something that I have needed to do but not necessarily something I have enjoyed, it almost feels as though I have gone back to the beginning and started again. I started it a long time ago, but I lost my rhythm and I couldn’t see there ever being an end to it. It is a blow to my confidence but as I am fleshing everything out it is becoming clear that this was my best option and I couldn’t have gone forward without it.


last minute worries.

Never leave anything until the last moment.

I say this while writing this post with 30 minutes until I need this to go live. Nothing you write in a rush will ever be your best, and I’m leaving this post short and sweet. Many of my earlier work were written without planning, quickly and without editing and quite frankly they were rubbish. You need time to reflect on your work and time to edit without unending pressure.

best of both worlds [writing words]

I realised whilst writing this post that I haven’t wrote about my own writing for quite a while and I just wanted to say that I am still going, but its slowed down. I found that there were more holes that needed filling and that I needed to take a step back and take a deep breath before restarting. I think it’s healthy for a writer to separate themselves from their work and take a break, which brings me to my tip for this week.

Take a break, re-evaluate, and above all don’t rush anything.

I think that the biggest mistake that writers can make if they aren’t ready is to jump in with two feet and then find that they don’t have the skills or the story to keep themselves afloat. Something that has happened to me often, I have this wonderful idea, I write the story, finish it and then jump into the editing without thinking, so this is from personal experience.

The best thing I think you can do when you finish a draft is to take some time, step back, read it through and then leave it. Not forever, but for as long as you think is necessary, give yourself time to come up with the answers and to develop the characters in your mind, make sure the story arcs and causes an excitement in your brain. Just leave it alone, don’t change anything, just leave it.

Then, when you feel like you’ve thought it all through and you have the answers to the problems you’ve outlined then you can go back to the draft and begin to solve the problems along with the errors you have undoubtedly made.

I wish that I had followed this advice and spent a little more time on the problems before making notes all over my work. It would have made my writing experience a whole lot easier and less stressful!

Novel Rewriting [15]; A Slow Week

This wasn’t a good week in terms of writing and getting my head around my novel and characters. I’m losing steam a little bit, putting other things in front of my writing, finding other things to distract myself. I am a little disappointed, and I do want to make sure that writing takes precedence within my life and the way that I work.

Self-motivation needs to be a big part of myself at the moment because without it I’m not going to get anything done, or anything that I want to achieve. Which saddens me. It’s going to be something I have to work on for this week.

Novel Rewriting [14]; Stuck on the next stage.

I say stuck, but I mean it in a good way. I am taking the time and a lot of it to make sure that I am working out all of the kinks. I don’t want to start a complete rewrite without sorting out the major problems that I have been having with the plot and the timeline. I could jump straight in but there will be a complete lack of direction and I wouldn’t know how to move forward, and make the whole story better.

I am still looking at the timeline and the events, making sure that there is something substantial happening throughout, giving the main and secondary characters sub-story, and giving there something else going on instead of just having the major quest.

Going through the feedback that my friend gave me it definitely seems as though one of the biggest problems I have is the lack of direction in all of my character’s story and consistency as well. I need to make sure that there is deep seated foreshadowing throughout, and make sure the characteristics of my characters are obvious all the way through.

I am really enjoying this process and I think that it will bring my writing to a whole new level and it will all be because of the time that I have spent on sorting out the timeline.

I’d Like to Thank My Cats

“This is me answering this personally.”

I would like to thank my partner, Declan for always supporting me and putting up with the madness of living with me.

My family for always believing in me no matter what. Regardless of when things weren’t going to plan.

The little ones, for making their Jor-Jor smile and also for driving me up the wall on occasion.

Last but not least, my very best friends, the ones that are more than happy to read my work and tell me how bad it is going but allow me the chance to change it and become better in all aspects.


We Can Be Taught.

“This is fictional.

My teachers have all given up hope. I am unteachable.

Unreachable even.

I have never been looked at as the perfect student. I hate to be taught. I have done from the beginning.

There is nothing wrong with me. No disorder, nothing holding me back, I just hate to learn. I do not want to be trained.

I want to be a free thinker.

I do not want to taught. I want to learn.


I Have Confidence in Me.

“This is based on me, rather than being fictional as my others are.”

I have confidence in myself. I have confidence that although I have moments of doubt with my writing, that one day I will be on the shelves of Waterstones and be making money from my writing.

I have confidence that I will build the life I want and will be able to create something that I can and will be proud of for the rest of my life.

I have confidence in me and my dreams.


Novel Rewriting [13]; The Next Stage.

I have spent the last week relaxing and getting to know my characters again. It has been so long since I just sat and thought about the big picture and it’s been so nice.

I have revamped my timeline, had some feedback from my friend and I feel as though I could make this book a success, eventually. Which is a major step forward for me and I’m more than excited for it.

I will be starting my huge rewrite just as soon as I make sure that I have answers to all the questions that I have left to be answered, and I have to make sure that the logic of my novel is intact and it all makes sense.

Time Capsule. [Daily Prompt]

My books, without a doubt. Stacked against the walls, their covers perfect. Who knows what might have gone out of print in the future, but to crinkle back the pages and revel in the characters and the world that I was once a part of.

They will be my gift to the people of the future and the lives that they will inevitably lead.