Book Recommendations: Dystopian

So yet again, I have no book review. I have decided that on a Wednesday if I don’t have a book review I will be posting at least five books that I recommend in a particular series. This week is dystopian.

1. The Hunger Games trilogy.


This one I feel is obvious, but this is a series that would fit anyone who is looking to get into the dystopian genre. These books follow the main character Katniss Everdeen, who is battling against an oppressive regime, whilst taking part in sadistic games in which it is a kill or be killed situation.

I as a reader loved these books, and I don’t hesitate to recommend them.

2. Unwind


I haven’t heard this series talked about enough. I haven’t yet caught up with the book series, but the books I have read are well-written and offers an interesting idea on moral dilemma. The books are based in a world where parents can sign their troublesome teens over to become body parts in an attempt to get on top of the donor crisis.

The way that this book is set out allows for confusion and also the questioning of the governments morals, but also a certain amount of sympathy at the beginning.

3. The Lunar Chronicles

cinderThis was a surprise for me, because I have only readĀ CinderĀ the first in the series, and I have put it on this list. Apart from guessing the big plot ending, I loved this book and the world that it was built in. We follow a young cyborg who is desperate to get away from her step-family, but when her sister is taken ill her whole life is turned upside.

The characters in this book add a completely different outlook on a classic fairytale.

4. Reboot

rebootYet another book that I haven’t read the sequel but this book was so fast paced and I managed to read it one sitting. I really loved the way the characters were created and the whole organisation of the society, it was nicely done. It follows the main character Wren who after being shot and killed is brought back, but her number is high, ridding her of her humanity. She meets and chooses to train a low number, and so on and so forth.

If you are looking for a book which is fast paced and exciting, then this is the one for you.

So that is that guys. My 4 recommendations for the Dystopian genre, I thought I had read a whole lot more, obviously not.