Review Policy.

If you are a publisher looking for someone to read and review a book then please read my Review Policy

I usually read Young Adult and Adult books.

Books I Will Accept
[Physical books, audiobooks and kindle editions]

Young Adult Fiction (historical, fantasy and romance)
Adult Fiction (historical, fantasy, romance, crime and thriller)
Graphic Novels (all genres)

Books That I Won’t Accept


I will happily review a series but I prefer to read it in order so if you are sending me a series I will require all preceding installments in order to complete an honest review.

I however cannot guarantee that I will like your books and I will be posting a 100% honest review both on my blog and a rating on Goodreads. I reserve the right to not finish any book that I agree to review. All books will be reviewed.

I cannot commit to a specific date for reviewing and reading unless previously requested in the ask, but it will be completed within three months of receiving the book(s)

All books reviewed will have at least 500 word post on my blog complete with links where to buy and where I received the books from. I will also put a rating on Goodreads and any other websites that are required.

I am open to hosting giveaways and writing guest posts.

If you are interested in me reviewing one of your books, please email me on with a synopsis and any other information that you believe to be relevant.


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