Weekend Reads [17]

I am making my way through All The Light We Cannot See, and LOVING it. I haven’t the words to explain my love for this book, well not right now anyway. It is going to be a really busy week for me this week, but I’m so hoping to finish it because I feel I really need to.

I will be posting my month of reading, and having a whole new TBR up for this next month. Exciting times? I was looking for a new series to post, so if you guys can let me know what you would want or like reading about then please let me know.


Weekend Reads [16]

I really want to apologise for the fact I have been absent from this blog over the weekend. I have had an immensely busy week and weekend, and unfortunately the blog had to take a backseat. But this week I endeavour to be more pro-active and post with enthusiasm.

Onto the reading. I am steadily making my way through All The Light We Cannot See and I love it. Really enjoying the dual perspectives, and what they each bring to the story. The characters are well created and the world, oh my, is so well described, I know it’s our world but the attention to detail is wonderful.

It really is becoming my type of book. Love it.

Novel Rewriting [15]; A Slow Week

This wasn’t a good week in terms of writing and getting my head around my novel and characters. I’m losing steam a little bit, putting other things in front of my writing, finding other things to distract myself. I am a little disappointed, and I do want to make sure that writing takes precedence within my life and the way that I work.

Self-motivation needs to be a big part of myself at the moment because without it I’m not going to get anything done, or anything that I want to achieve. Which saddens me. It’s going to be something I have to work on for this week.

Weekend Reads [15]

I have finally finished John Dies at the End and I really didn’t like it. There was funny parts in it and I enjoyed those parts but for the most of it I had no idea what was going on and how the events linked together. By the end I was SO glad to see the back of it and move onto something new.

I am now reading All The Light We Cannot See which is going so much better. I’m really excited to see where it’s going to go. I adore the fact that everything is told from the different sides, it definitely gives me a different perspective and challenges where my predetermined sympathies lie as well.

Novel Rewriting [14]; Stuck on the next stage.

I say stuck, but I mean it in a good way. I am taking the time and a lot of it to make sure that I am working out all of the kinks. I don’t want to start a complete rewrite without sorting out the major problems that I have been having with the plot and the timeline. I could jump straight in but there will be a complete lack of direction and I wouldn’t know how to move forward, and make the whole story better.

I am still looking at the timeline and the events, making sure that there is something substantial happening throughout, giving the main and secondary characters sub-story, and giving there something else going on instead of just having the major quest.

Going through the feedback that my friend gave me it definitely seems as though one of the biggest problems I have is the lack of direction in all of my character’s story and consistency as well. I need to make sure that there is deep seated foreshadowing throughout, and make sure the characteristics of my characters are obvious all the way through.

I am really enjoying this process and I think that it will bring my writing to a whole new level and it will all be because of the time that I have spent on sorting out the timeline.

Weekend Reads [14]

I am still ploughing through John Dies at the End I’m not enjoying it as much as I hoped I would. It’s got a really unique writing style and it is really well written, but I’m not sure whether it truly is my cup of tea. Just happens sometimes. Fingers crossed it will be finished soon.

This weekend however I put it down and started AND finished Voice of Innocence which I was sent by the author. I really enjoyed the story, and found myself unable to put it down. I did have a few problems with the writing style, but I still couldn’t put it down. I will be posting a 100% honest review of the book on Wednesday, with links to where you can buy it and what not!

Good weekend for reading, FINALLY.

Novel Rewriting [13]; The Next Stage.

I have spent the last week relaxing and getting to know my characters again. It has been so long since I just sat and thought about the big picture and it’s been so nice.

I have revamped my timeline, had some feedback from my friend and I feel as though I could make this book a success, eventually. Which is a major step forward for me and I’m more than excited for it.

I will be starting my huge rewrite just as soon as I make sure that I have answers to all the questions that I have left to be answered, and I have to make sure that the logic of my novel is intact and it all makes sense.

Weekend Reads [13]

I have been super focused on my novel writing this weekend, and I have really begun to enjoy my writing again. My novel although staying the same in essence is going to go through some major changes, some of which are welcomed and others are a little hard to swallow.

So my reading hasn’t really been happening, and my prioritising hasn’t happened yet. I am not regretting it though, because I have had some really awesome writing ideas and motivation and we all know we can’t spite that because it might never come back!

Novel Rewriting [12]; First stage done!

I cannot believe it! I have finally made notes on every page of my novel, and now I can move onto another stage. So excited.

I have decided that over the course of the weekend I am going to make detailed plan of my character arcs, the story arc and make sure that my story makes sense. I have to make sure that there is something to progress the plot, and get rid of all the useless information that is splattered all over it at the moment.

It’s going to be a challenge, but I can’t see being able to move forward without it being d0ne, so there it is. My next stage.

Weekend Reads [12]

I am currently reading John Dies at the End I’m only a hundred pages in and I’m enjoying the tone. I haven’t been reading a lot this weekend, I have been babysitting and going out with my family and spending some time with them.

I think that I need to definitely prioritise my reading a little more. I am enjoying my reading but it just seems to be pushed aside for television, the internet and all sorts of distractions. I need to make time during the day to read, to make time to do something I enjoy and that makes me feel good.