book recommendations: classics

I thought seeing as I chose my favourite book in the classic genre last time, that I would choose my other recommendations. I won’t include Jane Eyre because that would be obvious.

On with the show.

Anna Karenina

This is a daunting book to look at, and begin reading. It follows the stories of a Russian aristocratic family, and their attempt to find love and live their lives. It really is an epic story on all accounts.

I loved the tragic nature of the love story and the way that the characters were created and the general build to the story, nothing happened quickly, and it was what made the story for me special.

One thing I will say is I wouldn’t recommend this book for someone wanting to get into reading classics, it’s wordy and extremely long. So you would probably be better off with another from this list to start with.

Wuthering Heights

This book is definitely one of my favourites, I adore the characters and the set up of the story. The tragedy and the harshness of their lives makes this book what it is. We follow the life of Heathcliffe and Cathy as they grow up and begin their lives, and as always with the classics something tragic happens and everything goes awry.

I think the fact that Heathcliffe is such a dislikable character was what drew me into this book, and kept me hooked. If you are looking for a broody male character, welcome to one of the originals. I will say there is a huge amount of emotion packed into this book and it made me sob like a small child in places, so be warned.

Pride and Prejudice

If this isn’t on everyone’s list then I must be going mad. This is a classic brooding male in love with a strong minded woman tale. Once again, if you’re after a long brooding, will they, won’t they story then this is another for you.

I don’t really know what to say about this book without swooning, I adore the characters, especially some of the secondary characters, it makes for some really funny scenes and also some really romantic scenes. Altogether a really romantically swoonworthy book.


I know, I know this is not technically a novel, and another down point is that it is Shakespeare, but bear with me. It’s one of the best, imagine The Lion King without the lions and with humans instead and you get the jist.

This has to be one of my favourite plays and classic, there is such a sarcastic nature to this play, and the characters have some of the best lines. However it isn’t always fun and games and there is a really dark undertone to the story and it is really well handled. I adore this book and the characters.

That’s it for today folks! Hope you found a new book to read from this list!