An Update

I have taken a little time off from this blog, and not because I didn’t want to be here, but because I was struggling with my own motivation and I had to reassess my life and what was actually going on with me.

I have a lot going on emotionally, and I might have to write a blog post all about it, and probably will do. I think that with this blog, I put too much pressure on myself, and it wasn’t fun anymore, in fact it became overwhelming. I know that for ‘normal’ people the schedule I was running wouldn’t be a problem, but coupled with my anxiety and other things my attention was drawn and I found myself panicking about the blog posts instead of enjoying them. So I took some time off and began to think about the direction I wanted to go in and what I want to write about.

I have decided on a whole new plan for my blog, in terms of a schedule, and posting material. I think that I need to get back to myself and my personality that seems to have been lost in the repetitive ‘I have failed’ posts. I have so much passion for books and the world around me, that I am truly failing myself and you guys by carrying on with these posts. I want myself to be so intrigued in what I’m writing that it becomes a pleasure again.

Onto what I will actually be writing about, I will be doing book recommendations, favourite books in certain genres, writing tips and progress, debates on current events mixed in with personal things about me and what I’m loving for that week. I feel as though these posts will better reflect me and what I want to achieve.

I will be posting book reviews, but they’ll be more sporadic than a set day in which I worry about reading in time for and whatnot. Plus I don’t think that all the books I read warrant a book review, so it may be that there will be a rating on Goodreads rather than here.

So that’s it, there may be some theme changes and whatnot before this whole process is done, but hopefully, I will be on my new schedule for tomorrow.


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