Real Book and E-reader

As a reader of both and as a supporter of both. I thought I would go over the pros and cons, and what my personal experience with each of them has been.

Real Books.


I think the obvious one is the experience of a real book, there is the smell and then the walking through a bookstore, running your fingers along spines and trying to decide which one you want to add to your collection.

A real book offers you the chance to add truly beautiful books to your collection and being able to admire the truly gorgeous covers that publishers come out with and design.

Also compared to an e-reader, books are easily replaceable, if one gets wet or bent out of shape, it is fairly cheap to pick up another one.


Holding a book up with your arms whilst trying to find a comfortable position in bed is one of the banes of being a book reader. I love a good hardback or a 600 page paperback, but they sure aren’t easy to hold up in bed.

Travelling with three or four (or so many more) is a nightmare, they take up so much room in your bags. Thats not to mention the weight and the indentation in your shoulder from carrying them all.

The worst things of all, the cost and space. I have two rooms overflowing with books, because I physically don’t have anymore space for them. When I look at them all, it’s mind-boggling how much money I must have spent on them all. Not good.


I have a Kindle Paperwhite so that is what my experience will be based off.


The amount of books that you can fit onto a tablet the size of your hand is completely astounding. Living on a small island, my Kindle was a lifesaver and I was so thankful that I wasn’t having to drag all the books I wanted to read back and forth.

One thing that really impresses me about the Kindle and the way that the whole system works is the syncing feature. I could lose or restore my Kindle but all of my books would be safe on the cloud for me to redownload.

I have to say one of the best features of the Kindle is the fact that I can lie in whatever position I want to and still be able to read, without my arm hurting. Its wonderful. Especially my model of the Kindle means that I can read in the dark whilst my partner sleeps.

The price of books for the Kindle are lower than those in print, meaning I can experience a large amount of books for the lower price. It gives me the freedom to try things I wouldn’t usually without the risk.


Damage. The one thing about my Kindle is that I had to have two replaced because of faults. I mean Amazon were wonderful about everything and there was no question about replacing the item. It was an inconvenience though.

Battery. The fact that I have to remember to place my Kindle on charge is a little annoying. I tend to forget and there is nothing worse than getting half way through a journey and the battery running out.

No pretty covers, which I think is the real shame. There really isn’t anything like having the matching covers and spines sitting on your shelf.

So thats my take on e-readers and real books. I really want to get this out there. There is so much judgement on the internet about people reading e-readers instead of real books and vice versa and I think it crazy, we should support people reading regardless of how they achieve that. Reading is good no matter what way you do it!


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