Novel Rewriting [15]; A Slow Week

This wasn’t a good week in terms of writing and getting my head around my novel and characters. I’m losing steam a little bit, putting other things in front of my writing, finding other things to distract myself. I am a little disappointed, and I do want to make sure that writing takes precedence within my life and the way that I work.

Self-motivation needs to be a big part of myself at the moment because without it I’m not going to get anything done, or anything that I want to achieve. Which saddens me. It’s going to be something I have to work on for this week.


4 thoughts on “Novel Rewriting [15]; A Slow Week

  1. I hear you. I feel like it’s been that way for me for a couple months, I need to just sit down and do it. What genre of novel are you working on? I think just by admitting that it was a hard week for you will set you up for a better week!

    • I’m hoping so. I have had a super busy weekend, and I think that it might have put me in the right mood to get something done! I’m writing a fantasy YA novel. What are you writing about?

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