“This is based on me as a person!”

The one place on Earth that I want to go is Disney in Orlando. I want to go to the castle and act like a complete fangirling child. I want to go back to my childhood.

I want to go to Harry Potter World and walk through Hogwarts, drink Butterbeer and buy wands and robes. I want to be a part of the world that has been such a big part of my childhood.



4 thoughts on “Places

  1. Both great places, I loved HPW it is fantastic. I always wanted to go to Disney Orlando as a child and eventually go there when I was nearly 30, it was great fun, now I want to take my kids too and experience it through a child’s eyes too 🙂

  2. There are times when we’d like to go back or go to and experience a bit of magic. I hope you get to experience your place, that you have in mind. I also like how clean your widgets are on the right hand side – I’m garnering ideas on how to tidy mine up a bit.

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