Novel Rewriting [14]; Stuck on the next stage.

I say stuck, but I mean it in a good way. I am taking the time and a lot of it to make sure that I am working out all of the kinks. I don’t want to start a complete rewrite without sorting out the major problems that I have been having with the plot and the timeline. I could jump straight in but there will be a complete lack of direction and I wouldn’t know how to move forward, and make the whole story better.

I am still looking at the timeline and the events, making sure that there is something substantial happening throughout, giving the main and secondary characters sub-story, and giving there something else going on instead of just having the major quest.

Going through the feedback that my friend gave me it definitely seems as though one of the biggest problems I have is the lack of direction in all of my character’s story and consistency as well. I need to make sure that there is deep seated foreshadowing throughout, and make sure the characteristics of my characters are obvious all the way through.

I am really enjoying this process and I think that it will bring my writing to a whole new level and it will all be because of the time that I have spent on sorting out the timeline.

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