Circle of Five [Daily Prompt]

[All other prompts are fictional unless otherwise stated, this one however is my outlook on the prompt]

The five people I really would love to spend time with would be, Eddie Redmayne, why? Because I would love to meet him and have a good ole chat about the various different things he has been up to, plus he’s not too bad to look at.

The second would have to be J K Rowling, I would love to have her opinion on what I am writing and my process. Not only that but this is the woman that has inspired my reading and writing from a young age.

The third would be, probably, Paullina Simons, I would love to talk to her about my love of Tatiana and Alexander. Also to get some tips on how she made a romance span over nearly 2000 pages, without it becoming ridiculous. I would also love to hear about her time in Russia.

The fourth? Definitely Demi Lovato she is my listening pleasure and a huge inspiration. I would just love to meet her and be friends with her. It would be an overwhelming experience.

The last would probably be Ellen, because she seems to bring her own games to the party, and it would be a laugh!



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