The Summer Garden [Book Review]

It all began when Tatiana fell in love with Alexander in war-torn Leningrad. And now their odyssey is just beginning…

4/5 – the finale of a heartbreaking finale

This book review will contain spoilers for the first and second books, so don’t read this until you have finished the others. I have to say that as much as I love this series, this book was not my favourite out of the entirety. I will be doing the massive post about all three books, but I am saving it, in case I have another slow reading month, so this, the same as the first two will be just my overall thoughts. The books are too long for a step by step.

This book had such a slow start, I was really surprised that I didn’t love it instantly. I was confused and some of it dragged a little bit. I loved seeing Tatiana and Alexander finally having the life they always dreamed of in America. I loved the way that the dynamics between the two of them change and even get worse. The fighting and the ultimatum had my heart in my throat, it really touched me, and I was so scared for the characters and the lives that they had built.

I loved the development of the characters and the way that they progressed throughout the story. Dealing with their individual pasts and the things that they have to get over. I thought the fact that Tatiana found it hard to look at the way her husband’s body looked and was to a certain extent afraid to touch him very powerful and the tension was so real. I thought that it was the perfect ending to the series in the idea that there was a struggling marriage instead of the perfection they thought they would have. It was real.

I thought that the twist with Anthony was well done and also a complete reflection of the second book, I thought that the part just after they returned from Vietnam dragged a little, and I definitely found that my knowledge in Russian history was desperately needed, and without it, I would have been drastically lost.

Overall, I loved the changes of the characters and how real that their lives were, there was no perfect life, but through all of it, their love survived it all and that was a really touching thing. It was the perfect ending to the series, and I was heartbroken and stitched back together. Now to find my next great love.


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