“An Offer I Couldn’t Refuse.” [Daily Prompt]

I’m trying to do a ‘Daily Prompt‘ a day. I’m going to use the title as a writing prompt. I very much believe that writing is a muscle that needs to be trained everyday, so the writing might not be the best but it will be something. Rewriting isn’t writing, and I need to make sure that my writing is a constant in my life.

He stared at me from across the table, his eyes were unblinking. I was becoming hot under the collar, I wish I had never gotten myself into this mess, but there is no going back now. The room was dark, the light focused on my face. I was so afraid, I could feel my heart beating under my shirt, feeding blood to the organs that in a blink of an eye I was going to be separated. He strummed his fingers on the table waiting for my go ahead, a simple acknowledgement that he was going to have what he wanted from me, and that I was given my permission that he could take what he wanted. But this was an offer that I couldn’t refuse, this was a life and death situation. My organs were payment for their lives.


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