My month of reading [1]

Bonus post!!

I thought I would reflect on this month’s of reading and what I thought of my reading progress. I had a really overly ambitious TBR [click here] and I thought that even though there was a lot of books I wanted to get to, I genuinely thought I would get to most if not all of them.

That wasn’t exactly what happened…

If you have followed the goings on through this blog you’ll know, but for those who haven’t, I was super ill during the first couple of weeks of January, and then the medication they put me on made me feel worse, if that even makes any sense at all. It was the type of illness where I didn’t want to do anything other than veg out and watch Netflix.

So reading took a back burner this month and although I am slightly disappointed that I didn’t get to read all the books I wanted to, I am so happy that I finally as of this moment have finished The Bronze Horseman Trilogy. I read the final two books, and The Night Circus this month, and that was good enough for me. The Night Circus was one of the best books to start of my reading year off with.

For me to have finished The Bronze Horseman Trilogy so early in the year was such a nice achievement and I was really happy with that. I enjoyed the series and for me there was no other choice but to marathon the two massive books. For me that was good enough.

I will be posting a new TBR this week, probably Thursday, and I am going to push myself once again, because I will be happy if I get to read five books rather than the 10 I choose.

So that’s it, my month reading.


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