Novel Rewriting [6]: A Litte Bit.

So this week I managed to write 15 pages and I’m so pleased with that. I have had yet another rough week with illness and such, and have had to go to the doctors.

I think that rewriting this week has been a success and I’m so excited now that I have sorted out myself to carry on rewriting. I think that I was a little ambitious in my plan to have a working draft by the end of January. I think that life happens and I needed to swerve and adjust my goals. I don’t think I am going to be far off the end of January, but I think it is definitely an unreasonable goal to have and it is going to be put unneeded pressure on me. I mean, pressure is good, but if there’s too much your motivation suffers, and at this early stage when there is so much wrong with your work, motivation is all you have. When you have a piece of work that has so many corrections and things wrong with it, it’s hard to see the end.

So I am pushing back my goal and hoping that I’ll be able to hit it.


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