My rating system.

I know that today is Book Review Wednesday and you were all expecting a lovely book review, but if I’m honest, I am taking my time reading Tatiana and Alexander so I’ve still not finished but I really didn’t want to put up a bad review of something that I read a long time ago. I wanted to make sure that my content was fresh, and interesting. One thing that I realised was that I have been posting numbered ratings for the longest time, and I have never actually explained what each of the stars mean.

★★★★★ – I absolutely adored this book. It made me feel a huge amount for all the right reasons.

★★★★ – I enjoyed this book but there wasn’t the great emotion or there was and something else let it down.

★★★ – It was an okay read, nothing special, it didn’t meet my expectations and I felt as though there could be something more.

★★ – a complete let down, I probably finished it but struggled. There was probably an annoying character or plot that I found to overshadow the better aspects of the book.

★ – I hated it. I probably didn’t finish it and found the book to be completely unreadable.

So there it is. My rating system, I’m sorry that once again there wasn’t a book review on a Wednesday, but I wanted to make sure that the content I was putting out was something I was proud off. Plus I didn’t want to rush through Tatiana and Alexander and miss something amazing!


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