Novel Rewriting [5]: Sickness has killed me.

This week has been one of the hardest weeks since I started this blog. I have been wracked with some of the worst migraines of my life. It has been a challenge to sit up without the room spinning and wanting to be physically sick. So as you can believe the motivation that I was so thankful for last week has up and left.

I really want to get some rewriting done, but it really hasn’t been physically possible. I can’t even think straight about normal things let alone work out a whole new world and the holes in my plotline. I was so hoping that this week I would be able to get some serious work done, but obviously something wherever has decided that this week will be a dud.

I am hoping that because the book I am currently reading is massive and I probably won’t have it finished in time to do a book review on Wednesday that I will have a little more time to focus on my rewriting and get some serious work done. So I am really sorry that this update is really short and not really about writing but I am going to lie down and rest for a little while.


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