Novel Rewriting; The worst week [2]

So let me start with some generic excuses as to why rewriting hasn’t been brilliant, but at the end of it all I was lazy. I have been ill but I haven’t been dying so I really could have gotten myself up and started rewriting properly, but I chose not to, I chose to lie in bed and ignore and use illness as an excuse.

I have managed to make notes on 70 of the 242 pages which is only 14 pages from the last week, and considering that I was planning to rewrite that a day, so I am a little disappointed in myself. I also think that I have set my goal to high and right now I think that a more manageable goal of five pages a day is what I’m going to aim to do and that is what I’m going to stick to.

This is where I can discuss the pros and cons about this process and the way that I have chosen to redraft, cons first. I think that the first thing that comes to mind is that this is obviously a more extensive process and therefore it takes longer. Which for me makes it hard to motivate myself, I know that if I tried to edit in any other way then it wouldn’t work and I would find that the whole process would be three times as long because of all the things that I would have missed and end up having to go back and fix. So that would definitely be a big con within this whole process, the fact that it takes a little longer than it would if I could edit as I go.

The pros would definitely be the fact that I have a chance to be completely thorough and also have an opportunity to go back and look over my choices. It definitely gives me a choice to go through and make preliminary results and then go back and change my mind without having to worry about copying and pasting from other documents etc.

Hopefully this next week will be a lot better for rewriting and my motivation will kick in and this novel will be redrafted on schedule.


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