Novel Rewriting [1]; An Introduction to my Writing.

So this post signifies the end of my NaNoWriMo series, which you can read here and catch up on the drama that led to me finish NaNoWriMo eights days early, with 50,000 words and have the story finished by the end of November. It was a good process that allowed me to flesh out a story that I had had on my mind for a little while, however the problem with writing so many words so quickly is that you end up having so many that don’t work or just could have been worded differently. And that is where the months after NaNo gets difficult. You have a novel that on one hand that you are extremely proud of writing in a month, but on the other you know that there is no way the writing is your best, and you now have the inevitable job of going through and deciding what is kept and what gets thrown out. It is demoralising and scary, but also liberating and exciting, knowing that somewhere within these words is your novel, your final piece, you just have to sculpt it.

I did compete in NaNoWriMo last year, and I managed 32,000 odd words, which I was immensely pleased with [I was still at university with a massive amount of assignments], however when I finally got round to completing the story my heart wasn’t in it anymore. I went through like a diligent writer and tried to salvage what I could but when I began to rewrite I realised that there wasn’t much of the story that could be saved, the plot was good but my writing wasn’t. I am planning on going back to the plot and starting from scratch but for now I am way more excited about this one, and the way that this one turned out.

So my plan for this novel is eventually to have something that one day I could be proud of having on the shelves of my local bookstore. My short term plan however is to rewrite the very rough draft that I came out of NaNo with and have a second draft by the end of December, very early January. By which point I will begin sending it out to the friends that I went to university with and applying their comments to my work, and rewriting again. These weekly posts will comment on what I had done that week, what I have accomplished and what I’m thinking about the whole situation as we go along.

In terms of what I’m using in order to rewrite is my iPad, and an app called Noteshelf, I converted my novel into a PDF, spaced with 3 and I am using my Adonit Jot Script Stylus, to annotate and highlight the things that I need to change or notes that had come to me to make the writing better. I’m an editor where I can’t sit and rewrite as I go, I need a template for what needs to change and why. It makes it easier in my mind because I can make sure that I do genuinely want to change something before I do. After I finish the annotating stage, I’m going to be trying out Draft which if you own a Chromebook you can check out here, it seems to be a distraction free writing with visual cues so I can keep a track on what I’m editing, I shall keep you updated on whether or not I like it.

So now onto what my story is about, and this is hard for me, because although the story is finished I still find it incredibly hard to think of a synopsis, so this is an extremely rough idea;

When Saura died she never thought she would find herself back in the dramas of school life and the cliches that go along with that. She finds herself apart of a community of Halflings learning how to reap souls and find their permanent place in the Afterlife. Saura is categorised as a Below child, the only girl in a decade, and the first in five years, she befriends Clive another Below child, trying to find somewhere to belong. They spend their days together reading, and being hounded by the resident Queen Bee, Janie, the twelve year old, self-elected head of the Above children. Janie, determined that them being friends is causing massive problems makes it her aim in life to try and split them apart. However the Diviner, who receives the messages from the Great Power decides that the three of them are the world’s best hope when an evil Shademaker has turned the world into a dark place where people are sucuming to their deepest fears and the depression that comes with it. They set out on a quest to find two pieces of a mythical lantern that will brighten the darkness and bring back the happiness in the world. 

So that is the general idea and plan for the story. There is a lot more to each of the characters and all the intricate details of life and death is explained, the problem with writing a synopsis, for me is that I never feel I do my story justice. So that is something that I will be working on as well.

Now I know that this post is really long, but this is just an introduction into everything that I have planned and the thoughts I have for my novel and the process that I have in order to rewrite and make the most of the drafting stage. Since NaNo finished I have done notes on 56 pages out of the 242, and I am aiming to do at least ten pages a day from now on. I am making this a priority in my life, and I am determined to have a workable draft by the end of December.

I have noticed with my writing that I have a tendency to overwrite and word things clumsy, I tend to make really good points but struggle with the wording in order to make the biggest impact.

If you managed to stay with this post until the end, thank you. I promise that next week’s will be shorter and more about the actually rewriting and what I think of my process and the pros and cons of such a process. Tell me what you think in a comment below, and thanks again for reading!

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