My experience with NaNoWriMo

I was going to save this post until NaNoWriMo had officially ended, but I finished my novel and I am beginning to rewrite, so next Friday [I have a new blog schedule, sticky to my front page, so check that out if you want to know what is what] I will be putting up a novel rewrite. What I plan to do, and what I’m using, I’ll also be putting up a synopsis and what direction I plan for it to go. But today’s post is going to be focused on what I thought of this year’s NaNo and how I thought it went, why I thought I won, and what my plans are now that everything is done.

My experience with this year’s NaNo was overall a good one, I had some setbacks, but thanks to the buffer that I had in place at the beginning of the month I never fell behind. I was at least one day over the par for everyday, and I really think that that was my saving grace. I did post on here everyday regardless of the word count so if you’re interested in a day to day account of my NaNo click here.

I had some really bad writing days, both in word count and in general feeling towards my story, so it wasn’t all clear sailing to winning. I had a mid month crisis like I think everyone does, where I began to doubt everything that I had written and begun to doubt whether my characters were interesting enough. I think the difference from last year was, that this same thing happened, but I used my university work as an excuse, and didn’t write past it, which is why I think that my draft from last year is unusable. Whereas this year, I didn’t let anything to be an excuse, and I was determined to see the light at the end of the tunnel, as it were and make sure that this one wasn’t a lost cause, and thankfully it wasn’t. At least two of my bad writing days were when I allowed life to take over my writing time, meaning I was ill, or so tired that I just physically could not face writing. I always made sure that in the coming days I caught up on my word count and made an effort.

What really helped this year with writing and winning, was the fact that I was genuinely excited about my story and where it was leading. I also felt a better bond and relationship with my characters and let them to a certain extent lead where the story was going to go. I only really doubted them once, and it wasn’t necessarily the characters themselves, but the way that I wrote them. I soon got over that, as they told me more about themselves and what they were expecting to happen (weird I know). Also my friends, I really can’t stress how important they have been, boosting me when I’m down and also being super supportive when I was on top of the world.

So my experience with this year’s NaNo has been a fairly positive one, I have battled through illness, self-doubt and just general tiredness, but I did it. I won all of the battles and made it through all of the self-doubt and not only won, but finished it all before the end of NaNo. I will definitely be competing in next year’s NaNo as long as life doesn’t get in the way, as in something massively important happens. I think that I’ll be challenging myself to the 75k challenge, and seeing if I can up my personal best!

Next Week; Synopsis, what I’m using, what my plan is, and how far along I am in rewriting the whole thing.

[QOTD will also be starting again from the number 1(I want to keep a track on how long I can keep it going for), and carrying on over the weekend and hopefully for the foreseeable future.]


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