My NaNoWriMo and a blog update.

I have won, but my book isn’t finished, and I will be completing it, so although I have won, I will be carrying on writing. But I don’t know whether there will be enough to update you one everyday.

I have got a number of posts prepared. My experience, my thoughts on my novel and what my plans are. If all goes to plan there will be a weekly series on rewriting, and anything that comes from that, such as tips and obstacles that could arise.

I have let the QOTD series go, because of the fact that I was a little concerned with the whole trying to write a helluva a lot and stuff, so come December 1st or maybe a little earlier, that will start again.

Reading and book reviews have also been put on the back-burner, only for the reason that I haven’t finished any books, I have one waiting to be written and put up, which will happen this week.

I will be coming up with a weekly schedule, or what will be going up and when. If there’s anything you guys want to know or want to see, let me know!


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