Reader Problems.

As a reader I love diving into a new world and falling in love with new characters and learning all about their flaws, their loves and everything that makes them, them. Its the exciting. But long series cause major problems for me. I love each and every character so much that every time I want to read a series I have to re-read each book of that series. So because I want to read Blood of Olympus I have forced (not really forced if I enjoy it is it?) myself to re-read the whole series including the Percy Jackson five. It’s crazy to go through all this effort for one book?

The reason I do it? I do it so that I don’t miss anything, any kind of character development or romance that I missed on the clues. If I want to enjoy a series I want to enjoy it as a whole and without holes in my knowledge. So if I have to spend half the month re-reading books that I love instead of my shiny new books so be it, because I know that after it all I will enjoy the new book so much more.



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