Why reading is bad for you!

  1. You will never have time for anything – You will find yourself sucked into another world with whole new goals and lifestyles that there just won’t have time for anything else.
  2. You’re friends will up and leave you – You will get so involved with the fictional characters that real people will always fall short.
  3. Any money that you have will be gone – Book buying is an obsession and one that once you start you will never get over.
  4. Falling in love will become harder – How can you ever expect to fall in love with someone so ordinary?
  5. You’re life will become a mess – When you compare your life to all the others you are reading about it becomes obvious that your life is nothing to shout about and you’ll sink into a great big pit of depression…

Don’t worry guys! Reading is the best thing and if anything it keeps me out of the great big pit of depression!


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