Why reading is so important to me and the world!

I grew up in a generation where home computers weren’t an obvious addition to the house, so from a young age I didn’t have the need for video games and I think that’s where my love of books and reading comes from. I never had the distraction of the internet and social media and when we did get a computer it was a gigantic aptly named ‘Tiny’ computer. It had ridiculously slow dial up internet and even then there was no Facebook or Twitter to be distracted by. I used to play Tonka the trucks game and the Dogz game. My time on the computer was limited and I still had a mass amount of time to find something to do and entertain myself.

That is how I fell into the world of books and the world would disappear for a few hours as I chased wizards and fought dragons and even entered the world of another child. It became one of the best enjoyments in life, and I found myself reading more and more and faster and faster. I loved reading so much that I was one of the first in my primary school to get onto the ‘free readers’ program because there were no more ‘staged’ books left for me to read.

Reading became my go-to activity and something that I took great pride in, and the more I read the more it became so. I loved and still love falling for the characters and learning their stories and their different personalities. For me the defining moment that turned me into a ‘serious’ reader was Harry Potter. Picking up those books for the first time was a awe-inspiring moment, and in that moment I knew I wanted to create something that would create the same amount of love and inspiration in someone else.

So for me without reading I would never had made the choices that I made, gone to university, done the course I did and met the people I did and made the lifetime friends that I have. It has made such a difference in my life that I can’t even begin to imagine my life without it. Would I have made all the same decisions that I have if I hadn’t been influenced by all the great authors I read? No I don’t think so, if it wasn’t for all those authors reaching out and shaping me through their words, I think I would be a completely different person.

This is why I think that reading is so important for the world and this generation of children. It worries me that there are kids that don’t read that are too involved in their iPads and computers to enjoy the world of imaginations that the world of reading can bring. I feel as though with all the new storybook apps and all the fun ways to read there really isn’t an excuse.

I don’t have kids, so I don’t pretend to know how it all works I just think that every effort should be made to make sure that kids are reading as much as they can be and living in a world where it is encouraged. I think that it should start at home, that time should be made for reading whether that is in the form of an iPad or a good old fashioned books.

Could you imagine a world where the children have no imagination? Where instead of creating their own games they play on iPads and computers all day. I can’t help but feel that those kids would be missing out on something important, something that could shape them into better people.

That’s my two cents on the subject.


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