New jobs!

Me and my friend have nabbed jobs at Women Make Waves, writing articles and the such. If you wanna check out my recent article I’ve linked it down below!




4 thoughts on “New jobs!

    • I never said that it wasn’t a tough world for everyone. But why is it that I have worked my ass off for three years for basically nothing?

      What was the point? In a world where kids are told from a young age that grades and university are important, then surely there should be a job market to back that up.

      I’m not complaining, I’m extremely lucky to have the education that I have, but the attitude of ‘it’s a tough world for everyone’ is exactly what I’m getting at. Why should it be so hard for people, and I don’t just mean young people to get a job? Why aren’t there more entry level jobs that actually want entry level people?

      Saying the world is tough doesn’t make any difference. Yeah it is, but that doesn’t mean it should be.

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