Monstrous… it wasn’t brilliant.

They say that behind every comedian lurks a tortured soul…
Yet, comedian Henry Black finally has everything he’s always dreamed of: a thriving career, and a wife and daughter who he loves more than life itself. After years of struggle, he finally has it made.
Until three men force their way into his home, killing Henry and destroying the safe, comfortable world he has built for his family.
But that is only the beginning of his hellish torment. He wakes in purgatory, where he’s met by two men, both offering a choice. Randall offers a chance at heaven. Boothe, however, offers something far more tempting—a chance to go back to his life.

3/5 – nice concept, lacking the execution.

This was one of the books that I get free on my kindle due to the fact I own a Samsung phone. It was the best out of the three that I had to choose from, but from reading it, that isn’t saying much.

What drew me to this book was the concept of purgatory and making the choice of a lifetime, saving or damning your soul. I guess what this book was missing was completion. They plant the idea that he’s a comedian but there’s no reason for him being so, there is vague reasoning but nothing concrete. What really saved this novel was the Demon and Angel and there personalities, but I found that the main character Henry to be unrealistic and annoying. 

The twist at the ending was awfully done. It went from being the biggest sadness to a petty thing. I thought that there should have been more of a emphasis on the first bad thing and instead it was on the second.

There is a sequel to this, but I don’t think I will be reading it. 


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