The Letter for the King

It is the dead of night. Sixteen-year-old Tiuri must spend hours locked in a chapel in silent contemplation if he is to be knighted the next day. But, as he waits by the light of a flickering candle, he hears a knock at the door and a voice desperately asking for help. A secret letter must be delivered to King Unauwen across the Great Mountains – a letter upon which the fate of the entire kingdom depends. Tiuri has a vital role to play, one that might cost him his knighthood. Tiuri’s journey will take him through dark, menacing forests, across treacherous rivers, to sinister castles and strange cities. He will encounter evil enemies who would kill to get the letter, but also the best of friends in the most unexpected places.

He must trust no one.

He must keep his true identity secret.

Above all, he must never reveal what is in the letter…

Rating; 5/5 – an all round solid read about good and evil.

What I liked; I really enjoyed this story, hence the rating I really liked the feel of the story as I made my way through it. There was a good mixture of good and evil, and the good characters made good decisions and there was no questioning of their character. Overall it has the basis for an amazing children’s book. 

What I loved; You have to bear in mind that this story was written for children and it will definitely be alongside Harry Potter for my kids. The morals and the way that the characters decisions are made is definitely something that I want to bring my kids up believing in. I love the people and the way that they test each other, this book teaches you about; friendship, good and evil, right and wrong, honesty and becoming a better person. And it was an entertaining read!

What I disliked; I’m not sure whether this would be a dislike as such, but I felt that although the threat of evil was there it wasn’t as developed and the vanquish of evil wasn’t as dramatic as I had hoped and wanted it to be. 

What I hated; This book fulfilled everything I wanted it to be, and therefore there was nothing I hated about it. 

What I’m reading now; It’s Kind Of A Funny Story, it sits there taunting me and I really look forward to delving in to it.