Anna Karenina… an empty space in my heart

This book follows the stories of Russian Aristocracy at the end of the 19th Century, the story centres on the story of Anna and her husband Alexi and the way that their lives change dramatically when Vronsky walks in.

9/10 – words cannot describe the love I have for this book.

What I liked about it; I liked the idea of getting such a detailed background on everyone in the book, it was exceptionally well done, and I felt as though the structure and how the reader was enticed into such stories was fantastic. I also liked the way that you could see the way that the story was going and no matter how you wanted it to stop there was an understanding that it was required.

What I loved about it; I loved the characters, each and everyone of them. I am so attached that now its finished I feel there’s a massive part of my life missing and I’m not entirely sure what I should do now. I loved the fact that the decline of Anna was so realistically done, and built up over time, her thought process I think is that of many girls today, making this book as relevant as those published yesterday. I adore the fact that there was more than one romance and that we were shown all sides of what was happening within Russian society.

What I disliked about it; I felt that some of the writing wasn’t necessary, although it added to the story slightly and the surroundings I felt as though there could have been about 200 pages cut out and the focus could have been on the actual storyline and plot.

What I hated about it; The only thing I really hated was all the names and trying to keep track on who everyone was, but as I got into the story and more attached to the people’s storyline that became easier and I found I was able to keep a lot faster.

What’s next on my to read list and why?; The Casual Vacancy by J K Rowling is next on my list, I actually pre-ordered this when it came out, got halfway through and then let myself get sidetracked, so I’m going to go back to it and see if I can get back into it!


4 thoughts on “Anna Karenina… an empty space in my heart

  1. Love this review! It’s so refreshing to find a review of Anna Karenina that doesn’t make Anna’s morality a major issue. For my part, I absolutely loved Levin and found the ending wonderful because it was his point of view. I also felt that a huge place in my heart was empty when I finished it! I always feel that way with big, classic books like these. Thanks for sharing!

    • Aw thank you!

      I think that the suffering that Anna goes through is punishment in itself. I am totally behind her decision to be with Vronsky, but it all unravelled because of her insecurity in her morality. But for me that wasn’t the point of the book, to me it was a truly tragic love story, one which would have gone another way if her husband was enticed by the ‘clairvoyant’.

      I loved how awkward Levin was, he was such a refreshing character to have within the realms of all these well-to-do character, and I love the fact that he got so hot under the collar.

      As you can probably tell it’s one of my favourite reads of this year.

      Thank you for commenting!

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