Sepulchre – Kate Moss… a fight to read.

In this book, there are two different timelines, one set in 1891 and the other is 2007, this is the second book in a series, but from reading this it isn’t essential to read Labyrinth. It follows the story of Leonie and her aunt and brother living in Victorian France and is based around the occult and the use of tarot cards. On the other hand we meet Meredith who in 2007 is travelling through France researching for her book about Debussy. There is a lot more to this book than meets the eye.

6/10 – once you get into it, it’s okay

What I liked about it; I really liked the character development, and the way that the characters were true to themselves and were constant throughout. It made for a better story as the characters developed naturally and there was a natural growth and the way that the characters changed was believable.

What I loved about it; I loved the different timelines, they were very well done and really well connected. The links between the two wasn’t hard to imagine and therefore made the ending of the story a lot more satisfactory and allowed there to be a lot of closure for the characters stories and where they were heading within their lives. I loved how the previous book was tied in so subtly it was hardly noticed, it was really cleverly done and it was a nice surprise.

What I disliked about it; I did feel as though it could have done without the split timeline and I did find myself more drawn into the ‘olden days’ France than the modern. I think that although the modern day was linked really well into the ‘olden days’ we could have done without it.

What I hated about it; I really hated how hard it was to pick this book up, I found that I had to fight myself to read it. I wish that there was more a pull to read it, that there was something else to pull me into reading it other than the need to finish it. I have to say though that once you started reading it, there was a magnetism that meant you couldn’t put it down.

What’s next on my to read list and why?; That is it guys, I have read the whole of my May TBR! Yay for me. I’m going to venture reading Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy, it’s extremely long and intimidating, but I have vowed to start reading more classics, so this is one of them I’m starting with. Crazy huh?

2 thoughts on “Sepulchre – Kate Moss… a fight to read.

  1. Hello! I just reviewed Sepulchre, too. I listened to the novel on audio book and found it to be more gripping than your reading experience. Donada Peters is an excellent book actor. Maybe try audio if you continue the series?

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