Why I read…

something so small, changed me.

One series of books was all it took me, and I was hooked. I couldn’t think of leaving the reading behind. I had always read a lot but it was never quite as serious as it is now. I am addicted to the worlds and the characters and couldn’t think of leaving a series halfway, what gave me such dedication to reading? Harry Potter. His whole world showed me how rewarding reading can be, and I will never forget the feeling of waiting for another book to come out and for me to devour it without a second thought.

I had always read series, I loved Enid Blyton growing up, but Harry was the first character that I cared about what was going to happen, I fell deeply in love with all the characters and the world that they were in. I had invested so much of my time in their development that it really mattered to me whether there was going to be love or whether there was going to be hatred. I could feel my emotions rise and fall as I grew up with them, going through similar problems bar the MAD man trying to kill me or the magic, but the friendship and the bullies at school I could totally get that!

I have so much to thank J K Rowling for. She introduced me to the world of reading and all the things that can be accomplished by doing so.


6 thoughts on “Why I read…

  1. It feels like you spoke right out my soul. I think the Harry Potter series have been a huge influence on most librophiles; I would have troubles understanding how someone could not be impacted by it.

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