Fangirl… I’m fangirling all over the show!

With this book we follow Cather on her first year of university, showing the good times and the bad times as she desperately tries to keep on top of her famous Simon Snow fanfiction and her university commitments.

10/10 – loved it. Pledge to read this again and again.

What I liked about it; What DIDN’T I like would be a more appropriate question. I liked the way that the chemistry was built rather than thrust upon you. I like the way that you really got to know the characters and the way that we got to see into Cath’s fanfiction world throughout. The list goes on and on.

What I loved about it; I LOVED EVERYONE. I really did. Even Nick I loved to hate. It was so well written. I could feel Wren’s frustration at trying to find herself. I could feel Cath’s loneliness and anxiety. This book has some of the best formed characters I have ever had the joy to read about. Their stories were so simple but so effectively used. I loved the way that Cather fails to see how brilliant of a writer she is regardless of her following, something that I think all writers struggle with. All in all I ADORE this book.

What I disliked about it; This is an absolute push, I mean jeez I’m struggling to even find something, and the one thing would be I would have LOVED to read more of Cather’s fanfiction, and there just wasn’t enough!!!

What I hated about it; Non-applicable for this book, sorrrrrry!

What’s next on my to read list and why?; Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare, because I enjoyed where The Mortal Instruments was going but I don’t know whether I’m going to like the ending, so I wanted to see if this was a better direction for the piece to go in.


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