A Monster Calls… so so sad.

This book follows Conor and a monster that transforms from the yew tree behind his house. The monster tells him three tales and in return expects one tale from him, the one truth that Conor has been hiding from himself and all others around him.

10/10 – one of the best books I have read so far.

What I liked about it;  There are too many things to talk about. But one of the things that I liked the most about this book was how real Conor’s character was, and the way that the story was structured into three tales. It made for an extremely interested read and I looked forward to the next tale, and was anxious to find out what else the monster had to offer.

What I loved about it; I absolutely adored how raw this book was in terms of emotion and character development. I was so surprised at how many emotions this book made me feel. I so wasn’t expecting it but I suppose that’s what makes a good book brilliant.

What I disliked about it; The only thing I disliked about this book was how soon it ended, I could have read this for a lifetime. It was that good, so not really a dislike at all.

What I hated about it; The ending, although I know it had to happen, and it creates a better story, I just wanted to change it for the sake of the characters. That was how attached I had become at this point. LOVE IT.

What’s next on my to read list and why?; Catcher in the Rye by J.D Salinger. I figured that I have read two quite modern books, so now it’s time to do one a little more dated. Keep myself intellectual and all that!


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