New journal and blog…

writing will come to those who wait.

writing will come to those who wait.


I’m the bookaholic. I set this blog as a rehab, as if there was ever a chance we would choose to get over such an addiction. I wanted to share my new journal. Isn’t it pretty, it signifies the end of my university career and into the real world. Once I have the time I will be writing my bucket list in the inside, so that will definitely be a post on this blog in the days yet to come.

I am still coming up with a schedule to write here, I am hoping that it will be every other day, but who knows you may be lucky and get a post everyday.

I am an avid reader, and believe it or not I have no preference over ‘real’ books and e-books, I love them both, and will happily buy both. As long as I get to devour the story and the characters I don’t care.

I will eventually get around to doing a giveaway, and hopefully sharing some of the books that I have recently bought and why. Also I will be sharing some of my favourite books with you, and here’s hoping you’ll find something you might like to read.

Follow if you want to keep updated.

Most importantly, keep reading.


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